2018 - 13th place

  (rookie of the year)

Tuff    Dreger

Born in April of 2003, Tuff arrived right around the beginning of spring training, and he rolled right into the season just like all Chuckwagon kids do.  Like his older sisters, as soon as he could have a job in the barn, he was there.  Tuff has spent every summer on the road with his family, working together as a team, and in the last few years exspressed a great desire to drive his own wagon.  Shortly after turning 15 in the spring of 2018, he was given the opportunity to do just that.  After being able to train with his dad and grandpa all spring, he made his debut at the Boots and Moccasins show in Grande Prairie.


Tuff works hard, and strives for excellence in this sport, and is eager to learn in all aspects involved.  Horse care is a priority for him.  After a fun and successful first season in 2018, Tuff finished 13th in the season standings, and proudly took home the Rookie of year award.


Tuff is currently in grade 10 at Peace Wapiti Academy.  When he is not racing wagons or doing chores around the farm, Tuff enjoys playing hockey and is an avid guitar player.