2018 Tarp Sale @ JP Outpost Bar & Grill, Clairmont, AB - April 12, 2018

Both the food and service were excellent!

Thank you to the staff. Consider them for your next event!

We would like to extend a very big thank you to all that attended and purchased a tarp. You are an important part of the preservation of our western heritage and it is because of you that these drivers are able to carry on down the road and bring this exciting level of entertainment to many communities in northern Alberta.


The room was full of sponsors, fans and venue representatives and, in the end, sales were up $65,000 from 2016 for a total of $419,000. See the tables below to see the breakdown of sales per show. 


For any of you that were unable to attend the Tarp Auction but want a tarp, there are still opportunities available! Contact us at westernchuckwagons@gmail.com for a chance to partner up with one of our available drivers. 



Keep in mind the WCA has added another show to their GMC Pro Tour this year, the Woodlands Rodeo in Whitecourt!


Tarp Auction for Whitecourt show to be held @ the Casino on Saturday  - May 5 2018.


More details to be posted when available.

And ....