2018 OFficials and support Staff

Wayne Benn - Judge

Wayne is one of our newest barrel judges. He has been around the wagons for many years as a spectator in the stands, a helper in the barns, a crewman in the infield and now a judge. He is enthusiastic about everything and really enjoys himself at the shows. 

Don Stigsen - Judge

Don is one of our barrel judges. He has been involved in rodeo both as a participant and and official for many, many year. He brings a lot of knowledge with him and he is invaluable when it comes to setting the barrels. We are very happy each year to have him back.

Allan Johnson-  Judge

Tom Sorken- Judge

  • Dale Haroldson - Judge

  • Trevor Somerville - Judge

  • Danny Hammer (WPCA) - Judge

  • Orville Hammer (WPCA) - Judge

  • Dave Rookes (WPCA) - Judge

  • Emma Kimble - Timer

  • Tim Heidt - Safety Rider

  • Michelle Somerville - Video

  • Dave Neal - Announcer

  • Dale Sales - Photographer

  • Jo Kimble - Photographer

  • Breann Tremblay - Secretary