Lane   Kimble

An exceptional driver, Lane is our 2010 , 2011, and 2018  GMC Pro Tour Season Champion. He has numerous Show Championship titles to his name and has won many Dash for Cash races. He has also won a variety of awards including Safety Awards, Sportsmanship Awards and a Rookie of the Year Award. For four years in row Lane has won the TP Creek Stampede aggregate title and drove home in a brand new  GMC Trophy Truck.  2018 was a great season for Lane,  17 runs in the top 5 and qualified for the championship final heat at the Grande Prairie Stompede, Teepee Creek Stampede,, and the Dawson Creek Exhibition.   

Lane is one of the club’s strongest competitors and takes pride in racing clean and safe.  He loves his horses and their welfare is important to him.  In fact, his entire family develops strong attachments to the horses and it is evident in their care and performance.  Lane is an excellent choice for any sponsor. He shows well, gives an exciting race, has a large fan base and takes all opportunities to show his wagon with canvas at various promotional events.  He is very committed to working with his sponsor to provide excellent value for their support.

2008- 2nd place

2009-4th Place

2010-1st Place

2011-1st Place

2012-3rd Place

2013-2nd Place

2014-3rd Place

2015-7th Place

2016-5th Place

2017-2nd Place

2018- 1st place