2009-16th Place

2010-22nd Place

2011-21st Place



2014-15th Place

2015-10th Place

2016-9th Place

2017-5th Place


Kelly Somerville

Another real cowboy, living the western way of life, Kelly has worked with horses for as long as he can remember. Chuckwagon racing has been a regular part of the Somerville family for generations and after a few years off, in 2014, he was back.  He had a great 2015 season, jumping up in the standings 5 places.  2016 saw another jump in the standings for Kelly and 2017 proved to be his best season yet. Kelly made it to the Grande Prairie Stompede Dash for Cash, placed 5th for the season and was awarded Most Improved Driver. He is a confident, competetive driver with a winner attitude that has proven to be strong opponent for others in his heat.  Off track, he has a keen interest in the betterment of the WCA and sits as a Director on the WCA Executive Board where he is active and engaged in club decisions during racing season.


Kelly is a good choice for any sponsor.  He is very personable and makes the effort to satisfy his sponsors. With a historical track record of sponsor satisfaction, Kelly is a safe bet to market your company