Don    Federuik

Even though he hung up his reins almost 10 years ago, he just couldn’t forget the thrill of the race and Don Federuik’s need for speed got the best of him.  Don returned to wagon racing in 2016 and had a pretty good 1st year. He loved the adrenaline rush, enjoyed the season, and proved he could do it. In 2017 Don was able to race the full season and had some great races, finishing the season in 12th place. Don is a very competitive driver that pushes others in his heat to keep up or follow his stove rack, making for an exciting race. Don had his start in thoroughbred wagon racing with help from chuckwagon champion families, the Vigen’s and the Bensmiller’s. Don has a number of wins in his years of racing with the WCA, including GP Stompede Aggregate Champion and the Debolt Rodeo Aggregate Champion.  2018 Don moved up the season standings to 9th overall and had 7 runs inside the top 5. 


He has lived in Grande Prairie for the past 30+ years and is looking forward to having a very successful year. If you want to showcase your tarp on a wagon with a driver that’s pumped to win and the skill to do it, consider Don.

2016-12th Place

(part season)

2017-12th Place

2018-9th Place