2009-4th Place

2010-8th Place

2011-4th Place

2012-6th Place

2013-6th Place

2014-6th Place

2015-5th Place

2016-1st Place

2017-10th Place

2018-4th Place

Dean  Dreger

Born in 1966, Dean grew up in the Woking area.  Shortly after he and wife Tara met, he was introduced to the world of thoroughbred Chuckwagon Racing in 1989 by World Champion Kelly Sutherland, his soon to be father-in-law.


Working hard in the oil patch building locations and access roads consumed much of his time, but he found a great passion for the sport after taking on a part time barn hand job at the Sutherland ranch.  During the next 10 years Dean took in everything Kelly could teach him about thoroughbreds, training, nutrition and caregiving.  Dean's horse care is second to none, and he takes great pride in that.  the bonus of having a lot of advice from Kelly, was definitely appreciated, and as time moved on, his interest in equine care, and the craft of the sport itself grew immensely.


With the help of a few extra horses around Kelly's, Dean was able to give it a go and hit the road in 1999, running on the WPCA,s Second circuit.  That first season, Dean proudly brought home the Rookie Buckle, and there was no looking back.

The second circuit was dissolved in 2001 but Dean along with fellow wagon driver Leonard Delaronde started their own club, designed to preserve thoroughbred Chuckwagon Racing in the Peace Country.  Thus the Western Chuckwagon Association was born.


Dean consistently places in the top 8. He’s won shows, dashes and the TP Creek Trophy Truck 2 years in a row.  In 2016, Dean finished the Tour in 1st place and drove home the most coveted prize available to members- the GMC Tour Champion Trophy Truck.  Unfortunately Dean was unable to race the full 2017 season, but was back in full swing for 2018.  he was the Rio Grande champion and had 14 runs in the top 5, with 8 of those being daymoney.

 Dean’s an integral part of the success of the WCA and has been honored with the Masters Award many times for outstanding effort. Dean is currently the WCA past President, and now holds a director position due to overwhelming member support.


 There are obvious opportunities and advantages for any company wishing to promote and associate themselves with a proven leader in this sport. Dean completely understands sponsors needs and is committed on every level to a successful, prosperous partnership.