In August of 2016, Derek Aebly claimed a horse named "Off The Top." He had ran in several stake races including the BC and Canadian Derby's. "Off The Top" continued to race at the Hastings Racecourse for the remainder of 2016 and 2017 seasons. He accumulated 4 wins, 6 seconds and 6 thirds totaling $100,000 in winnings. In the spring of 2018 "Off The Top" came home to Grande Prairie and was broke to drive. He took to it naturally and made the Stompede opening night roster on the left lead. He was also given a new barn name 'Derby', as he is the only Aebly wagon horse who ran at the caliber that he did while being a race horse. He is one of the barn favourites and Aebly racing hopes to have success with him in many years to come.

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