Meet Willie S, better known as Winks out of Erik Tremblay's barn. Winks has been owned by the Tremblay's his entire career.  He was bought as a one year old at the Alberta Fall Yearling Sale in 2013 and raced as a two and three year old. Winks always came to the Tremblay's farm for the winter and Erik kept his eye on him for the wagon. Finally when he was four, Erik hooked him to the lead and Winks took to it instantly. You can now see him running on the left or right lead on Erik's main outfit, giving 100% effort every time. His playful and curious personality makes him a favourite of the family. He's usually the one in the pen running around, biting the halters of other horses in attempt to get them to play. Horses like Winks don't come around often and Erik is pretty grateful to have such a strong, smart horse with many years ahead of him. 

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