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Les  Rever

As a 2017 Rycroft show champion, Les is now in the 8th year of his racing career. He jumped in the wagon box in 2009 as a brand new driver. After racing a partial season, he was back in 2010, fully committed to the sport. His efforts were rewarded with the WCA.s 'Most Improved Driver' award. Les continued to improve and climb the charts and in 2012 was once again selected for the WCA's 'Most Improved Driver' award. His determined nature and drive for success shot him up the standings again in 2013, garnering him his 3rd 'Most Improved Driver' award. Since then he had maintained his place in the standings until he had to take a year off in 2016. But one year off was all he could manage and is now back full time and determined to climb the charts again.


Born and raised in Manning, Alberta, he is the owner/operator of Hatrick Oilfield, specializing in maintenance and supervision in the oilfield. In addition to his 'Most Improved Driver' awards, Les was also a Chariot Driver Champion at the 2010 Teepee Creek Stampede. 

With Les's steady climb up the rankings, from 19th place to 9th, he is  a sure bet for success in the 2019 season.

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