This handsome grey is Paul the Speiremen, otherwise known Speiremen, out of Rilee Letendre's barn. Speiremen was born in 1998. He spent the majority of his wagon career with two time World Champion Rick Fraser. Speiremen was an integral part of Rick's 1 and 2 barrel team. His talent was so outstanding that he was showcased as the WPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence Champion Right Leader in 2013. When Rilee began her wagon career, Speiremen made the move to Letendre Racing and it was an instant fit. With Speiremen's skilled background, he became a great teacher for Rilee and helped her build the confidence needed to be a successful driver. Now Speiremen is a great school horse for younger horses, training them to be integrated into Rilee's main hooks. In 2019, Speiremen will race as much or as little as he wants until he decides he wants to retire from the sport he loves. Until then one thing is for sure, every time you see this champ hooked to race, he will be giving his 110% effort, never disappointing the Letendre team!