Brian Lewis

Brian is a 40 year+ veteran of chuckwagon racing with an extensive number of Awards and wins to his name. He has inspired many to both join and follow the sport. You can always find a lot of Lewis fans in any grandstand. He is an assertive driver that knows what he is doing on the track. This provides for some real exciting racing for the fans. He is full of energy and often runs 2 hooks but despite this extra work load, he consistently maintains his position in the standings. Brian takes great pride in finding horses overlooked by other drivers and turning them into a winning team.

Brian has a real passion for wagon racing and our western heritage, and is sure to always be a part of keeping it alive. When the 2014 season came to an end, Brian announced he was retiring, and even sold some of his horses. However, he just couldn’t stay away and is back for the 2018 season. A lifetime of wagon racing comes with a lot of stories. Brian is a very sociable fellow that will keep you entertained over a cup of coffee. A great choice for any sponsor.

2009-17th Place

2010- 7th Place

2011- 8th Place

2012-10th Place

2013-11th Place

2014-11th Place

2015- n/a

2016- n/a

2017-15th Place

(part season)