WCA Chuckwagon Racing Guide and rules

  • A chuckwagon race consists of 2-4 wagons referred to as a “heat”
  • Number of drivers in a heat is based on whether the track is wide enough for a 3 or 4 barrel show.
  • Drivers are placed in heats according to their current point standing for the season
  • Points are awarded based on the times and the number of participants in the show. Ex: 20 drivers in the show= 20 available points. Driver with fastest time gets most points and so forth. Driver must complete a race to get points.
  • Aggregate is an accumulation of a drivers total race times of each day of the show.
  • Aggregate Points are also awarded based on the order of the aggregate times.
  • Each wagon is assigned a barrel by a draw at the beginning of the show. Each day following the first day of the show, the driver rotates to the next barrel in a numerical sequence. Ex: Day 1 of show the driver is given Barrel 2. Day 2 –he moves to Barrel 3, Day 3-Barrel 1
  • The drivers must make a figure 8 pattern around their respective barrels only.
  • At the start of the heat, each driver will come in and make a practice turn around their barrel
  • After the practice turn, each wagon enters the track and must stop on the right side of its starting barrel with the hub of the rear wheels in line with any part of the barrel closest to the racetrack. This is the bottom barrel.
  • When the drivers are lined up at their barrels, the starter blows the horn and the race begins.
  • A chuckwagon’s Running Time is determined when the first horse’s nose crosses the finish line.
  • A chuckwagon’s Total Time is determined by adding any time penalties it may have incurred during the race to it’s Running Time.
  • Drivers and their holders must wear the appropriate colored jacket that corresponds to the barrel he is racing around that day.
    • Barrel 1-White Jacket        
    • Barrel 2- Red  Jacket
    • Barrel 3- Black Jacket
    • Barrel 4-Yellow Jacket

Basic Penalties Legend

  • NT-No Time
  • DA (driver assisted) – 1 sec min
  • WKB (wagon knocked barrel) -5 sec
  • WMB (wagon missed barrel) – 10 sec
  • WAB (wagon ahead of barrel) – 1 sec min
  • WAH (wagon ahead of horn) – 1 sec min
  • WOCL (wagon outside of chalk line) – 1 sec
  • FTS (fail to stop) – 1 sec &  FS (false start) – 1 sec
  • LIB (late into barrels)- 1 sec
  • WI-I (wagon interference on infield)– 1 sec min & points penalty
  • WI-T (wagon interference on track)–1 sec min & double points penalty

The above listed are some standard penalties but do not include all penalties assessed. Penalties are assessed but either a barrel judge, track judge, or arena director (starter) at their discretion.

Below is a copy of the WCA rulebook. The WCA has elected to maintain consistency with the WPCA for racing rules and code of conduct of members. Although we use the book, we are governed by our own Bylaws. WCA does not use outriders and does not maintain the same staff as described in the book. For further clarification contact [email protected].