Western Chuckwagon Association



      Grande Prairie Stompede, May 30-June 3, 2018, Wed-Sunday





History of Western Chuckwagon Association

The Western Chuckwagon Association (WCA) was formed in May of 2001 to promote the sport of thoroughbred chuckwagon racing in Northern Alberta and BC. One of the main goals was to bring the ‘big’ wagons to the smaller centres across the Peace Country.  Another primary focus was to nurture and grow the sport of chuckwagon racing overall.  The sport is always in need of new bodies to insure its survival and promote its possible expansion across Western America.   

The WCA is one of three thoroughbred chuckwagon associations in Western Canada. It is tailored to young drivers starting out as well as drivers not able to make the commitment of more travel and more race dates that come with the WPCA.  For years the Peace Country has been the hotbed of the best wagon drivers known to the sport.  In the past 40 years the Peace Country has produced more world champion drivers per square mile than anywhere in the world – Sutherland, Vigen, Fraser, Lewis, Cutherbertson.  The WCA has a number of previous drivers who have moved on to the WPCA and currently has several young drivers in its ranks with the capabilities of becoming ‘World Champions’ themselves.
The WCA, through the GMC Pro Tour, brings the best in ‘big’ wagon racing to communities across the North. In 2008, the shows at Grande Prairie, Debolt, Rycroft, Rio Grande, Teepee Creek, Manning, Grimshaw and Dawson Creek entertained close to 100,000 fans over 3 months of racing.  The 2009 schedule will note doubt be as action packed as 2008.  Horseracing is called “the sport of kings”.   Multiply that by 4 and we have to consider ourselves lucky to be able to watch this on a local level.        

The 2009 WCA season will be the biggest and best ever.   It will see a resurgence of new local drivers taking to the seat in big wagons.   The excitement is sure to be unreal.  Brett Grey, Cole Withers and Les Rever will be three rookie drivers making their tour debut at the 5 day Grande Prairie Stompede beginning May 27th.  The depth of the returning drivers and their support teams, combined with some of the best thoroughbreds around will make for world class racing.  

The focus of the WCA this year is to promote the heritage of wagon racing in general.   We want you and your family to be part of that.    We hope to see you out this summer at the races on the GMC Pro Tour!